The Smart City as Fabric for UAM

We have been evangelizing the UAM market as something major cities should move on sooner than later, especially for cities with existing or planned smart city infrastructures. Accessing the market could raise all ships’ by identifying and training for careers that will expand a stifled economic base while attracting much-needed infrastructure investments and ultimately foot […]

Drones For Air Mobility The Next Step For Global Transport

Drone manufacturers have achieved amazing milestones in device capability and sales growth derived from a decade-long head start. By 2019, aerial drones had evolved from hobbyist activity to proof of commercial concept to a key component of agriculture, real estate, photography, and entertainment industries. This era of tech speculation and economic proof also sparked a […]

“Oceanus” Act One and “iSpace2o”

What will the future of “ iSpace2o” look like? We have already seen the amazing “DeepSeaker” and what the mind was able to recreate on paper and the incredible technology that has gone into it. The DeepSeaker is the world’s first Submersible-Hydrofoil. DeepSeaker is the first Hydrofoil boat to explore the underwater world as a […]

Welcome aboard The Totally Electric “DeepSeaker”!

Lifestyle’s Roxanna Cella had a chat with the CEO of ISpace2o, Giuseppe Carusi, about their Submergible Hydrofoil. Is DeepSeaker a submarine or hydrofoil? – This is actually a boat or a Hydrofoil that can submerge, although it’s called a Submersible Hydrofoil, that being the reason. The first of its kind. Well… actually the first kind […]