Urban Air Mobility is a New Way to Get Around the City

A new market opportunity, known as urban air mobility, is emerging simultaneously as the internet, smartphones, and digital mobility. There are a lot of vehicles and movements that generate sales, create jobs, drive business growth, and sustain commerce. Another Layer: Imagine an additional four hundred feet of highway and the jobs, infrastructure, and policies it would […]

Secret Suicide Drone Shipped to Ukraine to Fight Russians

‘Secretive Suicide/Kamikaze Drone’ Aircraft being Shipped to Ukraine to Help Fight the Russians… But Not So Secretive now! There is more going on in space than ever before. Now more than ever, we need to start building the Vertiport and security for our air space – Urban Air Mobility -Advanced Air Mobility – Drone Traffic […]

What did Deepseaker and Italian Government have put together?

We have been awarded a grant which is actually a financement from the Italian institution called Invitalia which is a Governmental entity that funds innovative start-ups. We were awarded 1.5 Million euro dollars for the development of the first prototype of the “DeepSeaker,” Right now we are in the phase # 2 of the project […]

Is DeepSeaker a submarine or hydrofoil?

This is actually a boat or a Hydrofoil that can submerge, although it’s called a Submersible Hydrofoil, that being the reason. The first of its kind. Well… actually the first kind of vehicle that can actually speed on the surface like a speed boat and truly be able to dive like a submarine. So it’s […]