Meditation In Style!

Have you been searching for “free time” like the rest of the world? Then, enter your own meditation pod and relax with the help of the built-in fan and sound system. It’s possible that everyone in the family stepped on each other’s toes more than usual since they all had to work from home. But […]

Breathe Naturally!

Hold Your Breath! Because We Are Now Going To Explain To You That Poor Air Quality Is One Of The Most Serious Risks To Our Health. The Medicine? You Will Be Provided With One Naava, The World’s Only Smart Plant Wall That Revolutionizes The Air That You Breathe In. Most of us spend our whole […]

Cartier Women’s Initiative releases the first impact report on its 15th anniversary.

A spotlight has been shone on the achievements of female business owners with the assistance of the Cartier Women’s Initiative, which has also provided these businesswomen with the financial, social, and human resources they require to expand and develop their enterprises as well as their leadership capabilities. Businesses that are run by women or are […]