Urban Air Mobility Is the Future Of Transportation

UAM has spawned some cities to lead their economic development by stitching commercial aerial mobility into the fabric of their urban planning and transportation goals. At the same time, many laggards choose to defer their citizens’ fate to the actual future. In common with the future for UAM, the many implementations of Smart City policy, […]

Urban Air Mobility is a New Way to Get Around the City

A new market opportunity, known as urban air mobility, is emerging simultaneously as the internet, smartphones, and digital mobility. There are a lot of vehicles and movements that generate sales, create jobs, drive business growth, and sustain commerce. Another Layer: Imagine an additional four hundred feet of highway and the jobs, infrastructure, and policies it would […]

The Smart City as Fabric for UAM

We have been evangelizing the UAM market as something major cities should move on sooner than later, especially for cities with existing or planned smart city infrastructures. Accessing the market could raise all ships’ by identifying and training for careers that will expand a stifled economic base while attracting much-needed infrastructure investments and ultimately foot […]