Miley Cyrus gets her house designed by her mom, Tish, and the result is just mesmerizing.

Miley Cyrus gets her house designed by her mom, Tish, and the result is just mesmerizing.

Miley loves the furniture by Giancarlo Zema

When it was asked about her most loved things, Miley stated that the chair which is there in her house has been designed by Giancarlo Zema for Giovanetti. It is a colourful chair that adds life to the entire place. She also said that her fans call it the peacock chair. 

The exclusive furniture that Giancarlo Zema has designed for the luxurious home has snatched the limelight. She also stated that she is in love with the openness of the space and she can move around easily with her dogs. Miley loves to throw house parties and with such graceful furniture and a lovely home, she is all set to welcome her friends anytime.

Zoom out, and you can see that they were free to have some fun after giving the 1950s clapboard house’s facade a dramatic black makeover (“the house was very East Coast vibes,” recalls Tish). Miley, Mat, and I make a terrific combination because we are constantly saying, “More is more is more,” says Tish.

Miley Cyrus has been the most loved celebrity by people of all ages because of the life she portrayed on the Disney channel and her singing talent. Miley has recently shared pictures of her new home, which her mother has designed, and it looks mesmerizing. The fans have been pouring her wishes.

This 6,800 square foot, six-bedroom, seven-bathroom Southern California mansion was acquired by pop diva Miley Cyrus less than a year ago and is already fully furnished. Additionally, it has been Mileyfied. And that’s owing to the musician’s top interior design team, which includes Tish Cyrus (Miley’s mother and longtime manager) and Matt Sanders.

What is the house all about, and what all it includes?

Tish has quoted that Miley’s house now reflects her personality. She said that she prefers a neutral decor in her home. This makes her feel calm and composed.

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However, with Miley, everything has to have a rock and roll vibe. A lot of colors are present. Technicolor.” A few instances of that kaleidoscopic cool are an Ettore Sottsass bookshelf, a chair that resembles a mouth and moves its tongue, and a psychedelic ceiling design by Brian Robles.

Perfectly designed home with ample space

The house has ample space. It has a pool, dining room, a perfect wardrobe and many more things to enjoy. The house looks perfect in every sense. It has been designed to keep in mind that Miley connects with her personality in every area.

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