Drones For Air Mobility The Next Step For Global Transport

Drone manufacturers have achieved amazing milestones in device capability and sales growth derived from a decade-long head start. By 2019, aerial drones had evolved from hobbyist activity to proof of commercial concept to a key component of agriculture, real estate, photography, and entertainment industries. This era of tech speculation and economic proof also sparked a […]

AltTech Industries is here to design the future of urban furniture.

We at AltTech Industries are very excited to announce that Giancarlo Zema Design Group (GZDG), MySkaut venture company and Formenton Security Group (FSG) have partnered together to design innovative urban furniture for the Smart Cities of the future One Of Many Projects Coming In The Very Near Future! Merging eco-friendly and human-friendly technology as the basis […]

Are Deepseaker taking any pre-orders?

Yes,  we are ready to to take pre-orders. delivery 2023. Actually the quicker the better, we are anxious to start production. The biggest factor in this is it’s user friendly, it has all the hardware in a separate sealed compartment so in the cockpit you will have only comfort and a big digital screen dashboard which […]

When is the Deepseaker launching officially?

Yes, absolutely! Finishing the first prototype by August of this year 2022.  Then we will be undergoing testing to debug it and bring it up to its final prototype. Then Giancarlo Zema will dress it up.  Giancarlo is the exclusive designer contracted for the iSpace2o DeepSeaker project.  He will be designing the final total aesthetics of […]

Is the DeepSeaker transportable?

We are looking to keep it within a 3 ton weight factor and 5 meters long which makes it small enough to put on a small boat trailer and carry it. It can easily be lifted by a small crane as well.  So you can put the craft in the water easily and virtually tow it […]

Secret Suicide Drone Shipped to Ukraine to Fight Russians

‘Secretive Suicide/Kamikaze Drone’ Aircraft being Shipped to Ukraine to Help Fight the Russians… But Not So Secretive now! There is more going on in space than ever before. Now more than ever, we need to start building the Vertiport and security for our air space – Urban Air Mobility -Advanced Air Mobility – Drone Traffic […]

Does a Deepseaker need a Collision Advanced System?

Ok, actually underwater you won’t need a collision avoidance system.  We are talking about 5 to 6 knots limited speed underwater… very slow going! Bumping into something at that speed is highly unlikely even to scratch it. So really there’s no need of advance warning. Over the water the same rules apply to traditional GPS […]

How long can Deepseaker stay under water?

We will be able to cover that and it would allow us to stay down longer than a traditional sub or a tourist sub, you may know and recognize it with the big bubble. But on the safe side I would say that we will disclose after testing this data. Read Full Interview Preorder DeepSeaker […]

“Oceanus” Act One and “iSpace2o”

What will the future of “ iSpace2o” look like? We have already seen the amazing “DeepSeaker” and what the mind was able to recreate on paper and the incredible technology that has gone into it. The DeepSeaker is the world’s first Submersible-Hydrofoil. DeepSeaker is the first Hydrofoil boat to explore the underwater world as a […]

Is the Deepseaker sophisticated breathing system?

Normally submarines will carry canisters of oxygen and an internal closed circuit rebreather system with scrubbers to clean the air from Co2. This is the same as ours, but our canister will be much smaller because of a patented system we have, designed exclusively by “like a fish” a  recovery system that extracts a breathable oxygen […]