When is the Deepseaker launching officially?

When is the Deepseaker launching officially?

Yes, absolutely! Finishing the first prototype by August of this year 2022.  Then we will be undergoing testing to debug it and bring it up to its final prototype. Then Giancarlo Zema will dress it up.  Giancarlo is the exclusive designer contracted for the iSpace2o DeepSeaker project.  He will be designing the final total aesthetics of the “DeepSeaker” that will go to market.  With the final look, we will be ready for production. So we hope to show it in the next Fort Lauderdale  boat show in Florida We also may bring in a full scale mock-up to take around the country to show.

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By Roxanna Cella

Co-Founder, E.V.P. of Marketing, Spokesperson, Media Specialist
Publisher of the International LifeStyle Luxury Dossier