Meditation In Style!

Have you been searching for “free time” like the rest of the world? Then, enter your own meditation pod and relax with the help of the built-in fan and sound system.

It’s possible that everyone in the family stepped on each other’s toes more than usual since they all had to work from home. But don’t worry; OpenSeed has found a solution and it involves a… We might refer to this space as an adult hut, where you can retreat to for some quiet time with some meditation or music. If, despite all chances, a group of youngsters manages to get inside, turn up the volume.

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OpenSeed maintains, “Humanity may attain a greater awareness, not via external technology developments, but by undertaking an inward journey.” An inward trip made easier by starting in the OpenSeed pod, which is constructed from non-toxic materials like felt and plywood and has state-of-the-art technology to aid in the meditation process.

The living room and the high-performance business both benefit from the odd piece of furniture that we are going to look at now. Stylish, easy to combine, and undeniably a topic of discussion.

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Roxanna Cella 

Alt Tech Industries, Inc. 

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