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Hold Your Breath! Because We Are Now Going To Explain To You That Poor Air Quality Is One Of The Most Serious Risks To Our Health. The Medicine? You Will Be Provided With One Naava, The World's Only Smart Plant Wall That Revolutionizes The Air That You Breathe In.

Most of us spend our whole lives in urban areas, far from any natural surroundings. About 90% of our lives occur behind walls. Over the course of an hour, we take in ten thousand breaths of that sterile, synthetic air. 

According to the World Health Organization, we are facing one of the biggest health risks in human history. Naava’s smart plant walls purify the air within a building, eliminate toxic compounds, balance the humidity, alleviate health problems associated with being inside (such as migraines and nausea), and improve concentration and memory. 

Esbjörn Jagebro, Sweden Manager for Naava.

The high-quality design of the active plant walls also makes them excellent additions to the spaces in which they are installed (yes, they have won several design awards, thanks for asking). 

They serve several purposes, such as biological air purifiers and humidifiers, acoustic components and luminaires, and room dividers. As I said before, Naava is also an intelligent plant wall, with all of it’s features and operations being totally automated and controlled by computer programmes.

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Because man spends the vast majority of his time inside, Esbjörn Jagebro, manager of the Swedish division of the health tech company Naava, believes that we should feel just as good inside as we do outside, where we feel the best. 

We want to effect a good change in people’s normal working lives. Specifically, we bring the advantages of nature, such as naturally cleaned air and perfect humidity, into the home by installing Naava’s smart plant walls.

Workers spend an average of eight hours a day seated at a desk. Employees are the company’s most valuable resource. Therefore, treat them as such. It is our intention to bring about environments where everyone is happy and successful.

The happiness of the workers was simply emphasized. Productivity, customer happiness, absences, and accidents are all interconnected aspects of any business that may benefit from a healthy working environment.

Putting money into workers’ lives has a positive ripple effect that boosts the company’s public image and reputation. As I said before, Naava increases both productivity and morale at work, which is good for the bottom line of the company.

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Alt Tech Industries, Inc. 

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