Classes on The Healer

become a laser certified technician

With a massive shortage of physicians in Primary & Specialty Care by 2034 according to AAMC, A shortage between 37,800 & 124,000 in the US!

What can you do about this shortage?

Have You Considered Becoming A Laser Certified Technician?

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    Consider Treating Patients in your Doctor or Dentist Office!

    Become a Certified Laser Instructor…. On “The Healer” …. Classes available.

    Why Classes on The Healer

    Learn how to properly use “The Healer”
    The safety of this Infrared Laser 810/830nm Is essential…
    Learn treatment Protocol, add the newest “Hand Held” Laser addition to any Medical or Dental office and a must in Physical Therapy!
    We will provide the highest level of support and training in the Industry!
    You will also learn the intricacies of all the commercial devices on the market so you can become a more informed Laser Technician. You will also learn why The Healer is so Amazing!
    The purpose of The Healer training is to teach you the mechanisms and principles of The Healer and what it can heal…

    The Healer Has 2,000 MW Medical Grade Laser

    The Healer has the laser power to go deep into tissues to help heal and eliminate pain.
    We will go into great detail about photobiomodulation as well as common ailments such as chronic pain and sports injuries, wound healing, and low thyroid. We will also touch on diabetes, arthritis, neuronal toxicity, stroke treatment, skin rejuvenation, hair growth, carpal tunnel syndrome, and nerve regeneration and so much more.