Unify Patches Wearable Health Technology


Unify Patches: Wearable Health Technology
  • Using patented technology, specific frequency signatures are embedded into the patch.
  • The patch activates when applied to the body and the special adhesive is exposed to the 50-90 millivolts of electricity the body produces.
  • By virtue of sympathetic resonance, the patches transmit a frequency to the cells, activating the body’s natural healing and response.

UNIFY Patches Help Control Chronic Pain

Pain affects more Americans than diabetes, cancer, and heart disease combined. 1 in 5 people worldwide experience Chronic Pain, 85% of which are affected by severe depression.

UNIFY Pain Relief Patches have been clinically proven to provide fast and effective relief from inflammation, acute, and chronic pain for 48 hours.

Experience the freedom and full range of movement you deserve.

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration"

Nikola Tesla

The Body Functions on Multiple Levels

1. Biological (Biology)

2. Chemical (Chemistry)

3. Electromagnic (Physics)

How The Body Works According To Physics

1. All intracellular communication in human body occurs via frequency.

2. Every molecule that enters the human body binds to a corresponding cellular receptor. Both molecules and receptors have their own unique frequency.

Solving health problems chemically

  • 1. We usually turn to chemical solutions (drugs) for health problems.
  • 2. Drugs can have side effects.
  • 3. The body can develop tolerance, making the drug less effective over time.
  • 4. We can overdose with serious consequences.

Solving health problems energetically

  • 1. No side effects
  • 2. No possibility of diminishing returns
  • 3. No possibility of overdosing

Activating the body's natural mechanisms through frequencies Pain Anxiety? Insomnia Fatigue?

  • 1. Cells need something from the body and vibrate at a certain frequency.
  • 2. The body can be inefficient and not give the cells what they need.
  • 3. We can help activate the body's natural responses through physics by providing the right frequency.

Solution For A Sleepless Night

High capacitance film infused with multiple sets of specialized frequencies designed to stimulate and support the body.
Breathable fabric layer for comfort abd long-term wearability also imprinted and frequencies.
Enhanced medical adhesive with conductive properties that are activiated by galvanic skin response.
Louis Michel Mauro, M.D, A physician from Florida, recommends the patches to many of his patients who suffer from chronic pain. According to Dr. Mauro:

"I applied a Pain Patch to my SCM muscle in My neck area, within a half hour, the pain dissipated."

Louis Michel Mauro, M.D


Once applied to the body, the patch provides biological cues throgh frequency, which signal spacific cellular behavior.

EXAMPLE: The 48hr Pain Blocher Patch will reduce inflammation and block pain by influencing specific cell in your body.

No. You will notice the results once the Unify Patch starts working.

EXAMPLE: Pain will dissipate, anxiety will drop, your mind will be more focused, etc.

Unify Patches are 100% safe for All age groups and for pregnant woman. They have No effect on any medications you may be taking and there are No side effects.

Depending on the patch you use, Unify patches can work up to 48hours or more. Body chemistry is different from person to person, which can affect the duration of effectiveness.

You can wear as many patches as you need. You can also wear different patches at the same time.

EXAMPLE: Two 48-hours pain Blocker Patches, One Calm Patch, One Focus Mind patch, etc…

No. Unify patches dont’t put drugs or chemicals into your body, so there is no possibility of overdose.

You cannot overdose on frequency signatures!

The patch should never be cut or altered from its original form. Cutting or alterring the patch can make it ineffective.

Unify Patches can leave behind a sticky residue when left on for long periods as the medical-grade adhesive used in the patch is similar to that of a bandage. Simply wash it off with soap and water!

The medical-grade adhesive used in Unify Patches is designed to stay on your body enen when wet. As long it is correctly applied to the skin tightly, the patch should continue to be effective.

For the patches to be effective, they need to be in contact with as much skin as possible. It is recommended that you share any excess hair where you are applying the patch.


The UNIFY patches are a wearable technology that help to activate the body’s natural mechanisms through frequencies. Symptoms of pain, anxiety, insomnia, and fatigue can be a thing of the past.