The Healer

technical specifications

technical SUMMARY

The Healer Infrared Laser 810/830nm, 2000mW US FDA Cleared Safety and electrical testing completed by Intertek IRB approved

Model TTML-8102000
Wavelength 810/830nm Infrared
Wattage 2000mW
Net Weight 380 Gram Without Battery
Power Supply 2x 18650 Lithium Batteries Rechargeable
Working Voltage 4.2V
Diode Life Time >6000 Hours
Programmable Timer / Auto Cut-Off
Beam Diameter At Aperture 2mm
Transverse Mode Near Tem00/Muti-Mode
Operating Mode CW
Working Temperature 15 to 35 Degree C
LCD Screen Yes

technical specifications

The functionality and product capabilities and coverage of the Healer laser is not comprehensive. Please elaborate
The laser works in continuous wave mode. It was a built-in timer that sets treatments in 30 second intervals or you can use it just using the start and stop button. The device automatically shuts off when the set time is reached and a manual mode where treatment continues until the device is manually shut off. The unit is powered down by pressing the power button (battery mode). None of these functions are controlled by software. The software controls only the timer and time display. Software is embedded into a single chip circuit which contains the CPU and memory. These chips are used in simple circuits. The device can maintain skin temperature of 40-45 C for at least 10 minutes based on the study conducted on three live human subjects.

technical specifications Q&A

The Infrared Laser is 810/830nm which works in a continuous wave mode at a fixed frequency.
The Infrared Laser is 810/830nm and is comprised of wavelengths that cross the visible region of the Electromagnetic Spectrum into its infrared energy level. The laser is powered by a full 2000mW.
This laser is lightweight; 380 grams without the battery. It is hand-held, and fully mobile. It operates in a free beam-mode. It can be used with 2x 18650 lithium rechargeable batteries.
The general tissue types within the scope of this therapy for the Infrared Laser is 810/830nm are the epidermis, the dermal layers of skin and muscle and other soft tissues, down to 4 cm deep.
The Infrared Laser is 810/830nm has a general intended use for therapeutic applications in many medical specialties, with suggested benefits in the specialties of pain relief and minor injuries. Further, the benefits include better wound and scar healing.
As our basic tools, the Infrared Laser 810/830nm is powered by a full 2000mW in a free-beam mode. The premise of the laser is that of a non-surgical, non-ablative non-painful very safe therapy without edema or post-operative soreness.
As this is a non-invasive, non-ablative therapy, the correct use of the laser should avoid adverse effects. As a reminder, however, the laser itself should be held no closer than 11⁄2 cm to the skin and not be held in one spot for more than a few seconds. The slow, wand-like waving motion is all that is needed.

Advances in technology tend to make things much smaller and substantially improving performance while compared to prior generations of products. We have seen this example with most technology. The HEALER Laser has done the same with medical lasers.

Original Lasers are large, complicated with usually three sub systems. These systems are composed of a power deck and a water circulars system and requires large, bulky maintenance. Common problems associated with these types of lasers include: leaks, condensation, freezing, and misalignment.

The HEALER Laser is maintenance free as well as –

  • Fully portable small all-in-one laser -Can fit into a sport coat breast pocket.
  • Easy-to-use
  • Continuous wave laser with built in timer
  • Air cooling
  • Battery charger