The Healer

Benefits for doctors

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Doctors and treatment centers can greatly increase business patient flow and revenue!

Offers practitioners a lucrative opportunity to generate new revenues or enhance existing revenue sources with a low-cost and compact device that provides revolutionary technology. Allows businesses to expand their treatment offerings and increase their clientele along with the ability to recoup their investment very quickly, usually within months.

    Benefits for The Doctors

    Offers doctors a lucrative opportunity to easily generate revenue to increase their bottom line, while successfully treating existing clients with an effective laser medical technology.

    Easily recoup their initial investment within weeks, thereby creating a positive cash flow stream utilizing the recommended business model.
    All clients will be supported by social media, special events, marketing, trade shows, special promotions and advertising.
    Insurance has been reimbursable in certain situations.

    The Healer for Doctors Has 2,000 MW Medical Grade Laser

    The HEALER Laser Model TTML-8102000 – 810/830nm is intended for use in temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain, stiffness, minor arthritis pain, muscle spasm, temporary increase in local blood circulation and temporary relaxation of muscles by means of topical elevated tissue temperature from infrared spectral emissions. Due to the decrease of inflammation, patients have seen immediate pain relief and aesthetic improvements such as in scar healing and incisions.