Dr. Howard A. Stoller

Dr. Howard A. Stoller

Director of Continuing Education
Wellness Unlimited "Unlimit your health, Unlimit your life"

Lic. AP, Nationally Board Certified
LMBT, M.D.(M.A.)
Cert. Ir., RFBT
Board of West Palm Beach Mental Health Coalition
Personal Trainer, Wellness Consultant
Author, Educator, Coach
Anti-Aging Medicine

I am a Licensed Acupuncure Physician, M.D. (M.A.), Bernard Jensen Certified Iridologist, Qigong practitioner and instructor. I also administer Acupupuncture Injection Therapy. I have been practicing healing arts for more than 25 years and am well equiped to help many people struggling with many different issues. I love to talk about health, healing and wellness. If you like, call and set up an appointment to come in, sip some tea with me and talk in person right here in the heart of the South Florida Health and Wellness Community.

Training and ability include but are not limited to: Acupuncture and herbal medicine, Medical Massage and Bodywork, Acupressure, Energy healing including Qigong and PEMF, NAT Frozen Shoulder Technique, Iridology, life coaching, Food Therapy, herbs/Moxibustion and spiritual counseling.


Those who truly desire optimal health, full functionality and the strength, energy and inspiration to manifest their dreams and live a joyful, fulfilling life. Those who wish to help me and others achieve the same.

Dr. Howard A. Stoller “Dr. How”