Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan

Business Development and BOD

Deal flow procurement. Navigating through complexity and ambiguity for business growth. Responsible for identifying opportunities to optimize marketing strategies.

I’ve also learned that Ron will be required, and should ASAP submit an application for registration of “The Healer”, just as required for all ATI products provided by partners, before anything can be sold in Mexico (as is normal in all Latin American Countries. I would recommend each product partner complete the same process if they want to sell their products anywhere in Latin America respectively.

FYI, the time to process registrations is usually between 4 to 6 months in Mexico, however this week I’m going to see a Mexican government official I already know to discuss and see if a shorter timeline could be achieved. I’ve been through this before with Algaewheel and was able to get it done in six weeks.

ATI partners will need to budget about $2000.00 for each country registration (i.e. Mexico, Guatemala, etc I’m sure).

This week I’m also meeting with a company located in Cancun who distributes specialty medical devices to over 600 Spas and would be interested in helping ATI. It feels like each spa would initially purchase 2 units of “The Healer” (1200 units total) once we are positioned correctly.